First Co., Ltd.

It is nice to live in a good design town

Signs and displays play various roles in industries and in our daily lives. First Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that contributes to well-designed town development, making use of signs, displays, and digital signage to bring leeway and richness to peoples’ lives. Our high-mix small-lot production system enables the product lineup that can meet a variety of customer needs and minimize waste by eliminating excess inventory and surplus supply. Also, as peoples’ lifestyles continue to diversify, we want to not only promote product development for high quality and refinement, but also manufacturing of products that make the town rich and convenient while reducing environmental impacts to address societal issues.

Production Examples

  • Products Received the Good Design Award

    To date, 11 series of our products have won the Good Design Award, which is an award judged comprehensively for products that improve peoples’ everyday lives and society through design.

  • “Comabo” Digital Signage Series

    With the technology and knowledge that we have developed as a sign and display manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of services including the design and manufacture of original casings, stands, and bases as well as embedding displays.

  • “Cloree" series of eco-friendly sign and display products

    By incorporating recycled textile materials into our sign and display products, we are making efforts toward manufacturing that contributes to a sustainable society.

  • Disinfectant stands (product aimed at preventing the spread of infection)

    We are ready to respond quickly to market needs for products other than signs and displays using our ample manufacturing experience and knowhow.

  • Magazine to support wonderful shops: “Kanban Joshi (Sign Girl)” (Website)

    Kanban Joshi is our original brand that we mostly use on our website. With it, we help make customers’ shop creation more enjoyable by offering easy-to-use and well-designed shop-related products and providing information useful for shop creation.

Company Profile

Company Name First Co., Ltd.
Founded 1978
Capital 58.8 million yen
Head Office Head Office: 815, Hara 1-chome, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, 468-0015 Japan
Representative Takashi Mizumoto, President and CEO
Number of Employees 27
Business Activities Manufacture and sale of sign displays, electronic signboards, and store supplies
[Products handled]
・Indoor stands / media signs / panel stands / poster panels / illuminated signs / stand signs / catalog stands / space furniture / display parts / options / repair parts