The ECO BOARD pallet: Advanced recycled material is the pinnacle of paper! Both now and going forward, we will consistently contribute to a sustainable, recycling-oriented society.

TOKAI ECOBOARD Co., Ltd. began focusing on environmental issues about 30 years ago. Through our technological development aimed at helping to bring about a recycling-oriented society, we developed a material called ECO BOARD. We succeeded in mass-producing Ecoboard, and with a passion for solving issues in various manufacturing industries—especially for logistics-related companies—we have been promoting its use for around 20 years. One of the founding principles of our company is having a fair, unbiased spirit. We are achieving open-minded impartiality by being environmentally conscious across the board through the manufacture, processing, and sale of ECO BOARD and ECO BOARD-related products.

Production Examples

  • Bulk packaging for automotive parts

    This is a packing material to be used in bulk-type packaging for shipping disk-shaped auto parts. The design had to take into account the size of the outer frame specified by the customer. In cases where the required quantity of packing boxes was placed according to product size, there was a large gap on the left and right sides of the frame. We proposed a corrugated board with a structure that could fill in the gaps, making the package resistant to lateral vibration. The product was adopted after rigorous vibration tests under harsh conditions.

  • Bulk packaging for marine bearings

    In the past, a wooden box was made for packing each product. In response to customer demand for more versatile packaging with environmentally friendly materials, we developed packaging combining our ECO BOARD pallets and our corrugated cardboard products. The pallet blocks are made of our patented high-strength corrugated cardboard rolls. This material can withstand concentrated weight/loads with little worry of damage to the blocks during loading and unloading. They can help with reducing man-hours, and where there used to be 30 types of wooden pallets, there are now only six types.

  • Film packaging set for flat stacking

    This packing material is used for the overseas transport of two heavy roll-shaped items on a single pallet. These are the highest-strength pallets among all our original ECO BOARD pallets. They can be used for stacked storage and/or transport by using in combination with our reinforced corrugated cardboard. Since they began being used over 10 years ago, there have been no issues with the use of these pallets.

  • Core material for meeting tables

    Our originally-developed ECO BOARD is also used as the core material for tables. Often, the core material used for meeting tables is plywood. The tables can be folded for compact storage, but are very heavy. ECO BOARD is excellent as a substitute for plywood because it has the hardness of wood, but is made of lightweight corrugated cardboard.

  • Pallets for transporting meat processors

    Processing machinery that when loaded tends to have concentrated weight, could only be transported on wooden pallets. Now, however, they can be transported on a combination of our original ECO BOARD pallets and corrugated cardboard blocks that are 100% recyclable, lightweight, and do not require nailing. Because of ECO BOARD's strength in resistance to bend/flex as well as flat pressure, there is no sagging when lifted and no need to worry about cargo collapsing.

Company Profile

Company Name TOKAI ECOBOARD Co., Ltd.
Founded 2001
Capital 60 million yen
Head Office 907, Hanasakidai 2-chome, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, 463-0808 Japan
Representative Hisafumi Yoshi, President
Number of Employees 16
Business Activities Manufacture and sales of ECO BOARD (3D-structure flat boards made of cardboard)
・ECO BOARD: Pallets, Bulk packaging, ECO BOARD punching, ECO BOARD blocks, Corrugated cardboard rolls, ECO BOARD partitions for disaster shelters, ECO BOARD changing rooms, and ECO BOARD flooring materials