Mark Therapy Co., Ltd.

On a mission to solve the root problems of physical ailments: Dedicated to maintaining and improving health while caring for the environment

Mark Therapy Laboratory has the mission of offering answers to the body’s issues, and through our three businesses of bodywork/care salon treatments, product development, and training sessions, we operate under the vision of being a "partner that supports your body in all aspects.

Considering our Carbon Footprint: Developing Products that Enhance Quality of Life We have developed products aimed at improving health and comfort, including those designed to give full-on care to the neck, in addition to water pillows designed for pressure dispersion and an ideal fit. In addition to striving for safety and peace of mind, going forward we will continue to work on environmental efforts like calculating CO2 emissions at the material processing stage.

Guidelines and clinical practice for basic health maintenance Many factors play a role in maintaining good health, but posture and the skeletal structure play a particularly important one. Accurate alignment of the spine, from the pelvis to the spinal column, including the lower back, neck, and shoulders, often eliminates physical discomfort. We have focused on this correlation and has developed a three-pronged business of clinical outpatient services, research papers, and the development and marketing of products that take the skeletal structure into consideration, using our high level of expertise and experience in this field. In particular, in the clinical field, we have studied the human skeleton’s shape formation process, taking into consideration the fact that humans are organisms living under gravitational and atmospheric pressures on the ground and have bone shapes that adapt to dynamic factors like impact loading. We are presently studying the correlation between stress transfer point discontinuity at each joint in musculoskeletal injuries and associated symptoms. Our aim is to utilize these findings in treatment approaches, particularly considering the skeletal shape formation process in the affected symptomatic area.

Positioning on proceeding with product development In developing and selling products that take the human skeleton into account, we specialize in items used in daily life including chairs, pillows, and support clothing. These products are designed to assist the correct positioning of the pelvis and spine and to reduce the strain on the body caused by prolonged use. They contribute significantly to improving people’s daily quality of life, especially in today's society where many people work at desks.
In addition, since many of our products are in direct contact with the human body, we have developed them with consideration given to the safety and security of the materials. In addition, we strive to provide products that are also valuable from the perspective of sustainability, by carrying out product development that takes the global environment into consideration in ways like carbon footprint efforts. By using renewable materials, reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing process, and designing products with long service life, we can aim for consumer health and comfort while minimizing our impact on the environment.

What our laboratory aims to achieve through awareness-raising activities We offer educational programs for the general public based on the knowledge and experience we have gained in our business. In this way, we help achieve a healthier society by spreading information and techniques useful for maintaining and improving health on an individual level.
At the same time, the knowledge we gain through writing research papers enhances the development of methodologies based on scientific evidence. When we can share this research at academic conferences, in journals, etc., and have it widely accepted in the industry, that will raise the overall standard of treatment techniques. It may also lead to the discovery of new treatments and prevention methods through academic research, which can contribute to the advancement of medicine over the long term.
In this way, our activities aim to contribute to society not only in terms of direct treatment and product development, but also in terms of research and education. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life through skeletal and postural health.

Production Examples

Company Profile

Company Name Mark Therapy Co., Ltd.
Founded 2009
Head Office 1-20 Sakurayama-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, 466-0044 Japan
Representative Toyomitsu Nebashi, President
Number of Employees 1
Business Activities This clinic aims to discover fundamental solutions to back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain as well as headaches and sleep problems. It is also a company that independently researches and develops physical health care products based on that clinical practice.
・Operation of Osteopathic Clinic and Physical Care Salon
・Development and sales of health products

Efforts to develop new environmentally friendly products

Development of product PR tools for healthcare product crowdfunding

Bodywork just by sleeping: “Set Pervis” lower back care item

Product Features

While operating our osteopathic clinic, we have long studied the human body and skeletal structure. Based on this experience and our own theory, we have developed a product that allows users to easily perform pelvic care at home. Made of urethane foam, it consists of two pads that are placed under the buttocks. Its shape is unique in that it provides ideal pressure as it compresses and deforms.

Points leading to green innovation

We calculated the carbon footprint for this product at the production stage during prototyping and sought ways to reduce emissions throughout. Calculations were made for CO2 emissions that included everything from material procurement to the processing stages covering phases with high environmental impact. Because the product is in direct contact with the human body, we decided to use materials with a proven track record in terms of safety. We plan to make continuous efforts going forward like using renewable energy in stages to reduce energy consumed during processing.

  • Developed Products:
    Product page for healthcare product crowdfunding


Background on Participation in this Project

While treating patients, we conducted hearings on poor posture and sleep problems over a long period of time. That was how we realized the need for body care equipment for daily use at home and at work, when patients are out of reach of treatment. We have been developing various health products towards this aim since then. However, we now see the need for products that not only support patients’ health, but are also environmentally friendly, and with that in mind we have taken on the challenge of becoming carbon neutral.

Findings and impressions after participating

The project began with a presentation that we put together based on clinical observation of patients, which we gave to the designer in charge, which then continued with a discussion of how to promote the device to users. At the manufacturing site where the device is produced, we checked to see whether the power for the production line came from renewable energy, and we measured the greenhouse gas emissions in the raw materials being ready, in order to prepare for PR in the future. Until now, our focus has been on patient care, but as we have broadened our perspective to include patients’ living environments, we have realized the need to produce products that can contribute to society.

Future proposals from our company

Right now in the health care equipment industry, very few products are environmentally conscious. This is because these products come in direct contact with patients’ body and therefore need to be made with materials that have safety as the top priority. In addition to remove patients’ concerns about what comes in contact with their bodies and to help them stay healthy, it is also important that the products be ones that producers and users are confident about. We hope that even if only step by step, our activities toward becoming carbon neutral will spread out and influence other environmentally conscious products in the industry overall.