Mizuno Kagu Co., Ltd.

Making people happy with furniture

Mizuno Kagu Co., Ltd. operates the CONNECT showroom and store, where we offer original custom-made furniture based on the concept of "a place where people can connect with each other." We also offer various brands including one for imported Scandinavian furniture and one for original custom-made furniture designed with professional storage techniques. Furthermore, we are working on a project to connect upstream-mountain people with downstream-town people by selling desks that come with a tour for parents and children to experience the upstream mountains where the cedar lumber used for the desks is sourced, aiming to bolster the demand for lumber.

Production Examples

  • Kodama Base (Kodama Project)

    Kodama Project is the initiative to connect upstream-mountain people with downstream-town people, bringing together local resources and people through goods and materials. We plan, develop, and sell furniture, architecture, food, sundries, materials, and experiences that make use of locally-sourced natural materials.
    The Kodama Base shown in the photo is a movable hut that can be transported by truck and installed in the space for a single car without the need for a construction permit. It is built using Tono cedar and Tono cypress for its structural, exterior, and interior timbers, plywood, and laminated timbers, all of which are sourced from the upstream area of the Higashi-Shirakawa Village in Gifu Prefecture. The basic model has nothing inside. The floor is solid cypress wood and the walls are soft plywood, so users can add shelves and customize it as they see fit. Equipped with insulation, installing a single air conditioner provides a comfortable place to be.

  • Dining Tables and Beak Chairs (NORTE)

    NORTE’s dining tables and beak chairs feature a gentle Scandinavian design. Tables have an oil finish that develops beautiful patina over the years, reflecting the history of the families. Each piece is made of solid wood and is truly unique.

  • rewood (CONNECT)

    Through the Internet, rewood purchases disused single-ply, solid wood low tables from all over Japan. Their single-ply wood boards are dries and refinishes to reutilize as valuable materials. We sell the materials to be used for furniture and countertop construction across Japan. Activating inactive resources, we seek to help save our planet and create a brighter future together.
    *This activity was recognized for a Good Design Award in 2022.

  • Custom-Made Dining Tables (CONNECT)

    We accept orders for tables with custom wood types and leg types. The photo shows a natural solid wood board. This is a very popular item and is available in custom sizes by 10 mm increments, providing different board types such as s single-piece board and laminated wood. In our showroom and shop CONNECT where we offer original made-to-order furniture including custom-made chairs of natural wood, original tables and sofas, storage furniture, and other products, we prioritize everyday comfort as well as aesthetic design. We "connect" our customers with time-honored skills and selected materials to ensure their enriched lifestyle filled with precious moments.

Company Profile

Company Name Mizuno Kagu Co., Ltd.
Founded 1960
Capital 3 million yen
Head Office 1-18, Moriyama 1-chome, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, 463-0067 Japan
Representative Teruhisa Mizuno, President and CEO
Number of Employees 2
Business Activities Planning and sales of custom-made furniture, sales of imported furniture
・Kodama Project