Kashiwaya Co., Ltd.

Adding color to your daily life with traditional Japanese materials

Since our opening in 1824, Kashiwaya Co., Ltd. has used our history and experience to incorporate washi Japanese paper and other interior decoration materials to enrich everyday life. We believe that washi can do so much for Japanese living spaces, as it is timeless and can be revived again and again, even as its texture beautifully changes over time. We will use this wonderful, traditional Japanese material as a tool to solve our customers' problems. Our aim is to not let the 1,300-year history of washi culture die out. We hope that it will continue to spread in the years to come, so we will remain focused on that goal.

Production Examples

  • Original gold dust wallpaper production and installation

    This is an example of a wall surface design created from the client's child's electrocardiogram and expressed in gold dust.

  • Lampshade 01

    A Kyoto bamboo craftsman wove bamboo strips into a sphere, then covered the lampshade with handmade Japanese paper to make a custom creation.

  • Restoration of sliding doors of a wooden house, a tourist facility in Aichi Prefecture

    We restored the fusuma sliding doors of a wooden house that had been moved to a tourist facility. Echizen artisans restored the doors using the same kind of paper as would have been used when the house was originally built: Unka paper restored with fibers of kouzo and mitsumata, and momi paper restored by applying gofun, a shell powder, to the paper and rubbing it by hand to produce a wrinkled texture.

Company Profile

Company Name Kashiwaya Co., Ltd.
Founded 1824
Capital 10 million yen
Head Office 4-6, Tachibana 1-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0016 Japan
Representative Ryosuke Ozeki, President and CEO
Number of Employees 4
Business Activities 【Products】
・Materials for fusuma sliding door: Sliding door paper, Sliding door base, Sliding door frames, Pulls, and Handles
・Mounting materials
・Patterned washi paper
・Other washi paper
・Interior materials: Wallpapers, Floor coverings, Curtains, Carpets, etc.
・Secondary materials for indoor finishing
・Restoration work for temples and shrines
・General contracting work including interior decoration for houses