Nodaki Inc.

Trading company specializing in machine tools for over 110 years

Nodaki is a trading company founded in 1907 specializing in machine tools. In the 110 years we have been active, we have contributed to the growth of many of the world's leading manufacturers. With each one, we have walked alongside them since their founding, responding to their needs and sharing in times of both difficulty and joy. That is why we make recommendations by considering each manufacturer’s unique characteristics, regulations, accumulated knowledge, and improvement processes, among other factors. Nodaki's history is a history of challenges, and we are what we are today because we have changed with the times. With an eye on the next 100 years, Nodaki will continue to progress forward, inheriting the spirit of challenge that we have cultivated over the years.

Production Examples

  • Cutting tools

    When it comes to cutting tools made of high-speed steel, cemented carbide, ceramic, CBN, diamond, etc., we offer recommendations based on our strengths as a specialized trading company.
    ・Milling tools
    ・Lathe tools
    ・CBN and Diamond tools
    ・Special tools

  • Grinding tools and whetstones (Diamond, CBN)

    These tools achieve high speed, high efficiency, high precision and long life. They offer high performance with difficult-to-grind materials like cemented carbide and ceramic metal.
    ・Diamond, CBN grinding wheels, etc.

  • Tool holders

    We offer the most suitable tooling for each machine and workpiece, expanding the scope of machine tools.
    ・Micron chucks, etc.

  • Inspection and measuring tools

    From calipers to gauges of all kinds to industrial endoscopes for observing inside diameters, we offer measuring tools for inspection and measurement in many fields.

  • Molds and Jigs

    We support manufacturing industries where cutting-edge technology is a requirement, like the automotive, machine tool, and transportation equipment industries.
    ・Precision molds
    ・Functional parts
    ・Jigs and Gauges

  • Factory sub-materials, etc.

    Utilizing our capabilities as a trading company, we can procure products ranging from rags to helmets, dollies, factory fans, and heatstroke prevention products.
    ・Safety products
    ・Factory secondary materials
    ・On-site partners
    ・Lighting equipment
    ・Chemical products
    ・Optical related and Functional parts, etc.

Company Profile

Company Name Nodaki Inc.
Founded 1907
Capital 20 million yen
Head Office Head Office: 10-26, Meieki 3-chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, 451-0045 Japan
Representative Masahiro Noda, President and CEO
Number of Employees 72
Business Activities Providing products and services for every operation at manufacturing sites
・Cutting tools: Cutting tools, Milling tools, Lathe tools, CNC and Diamond tools, Special tools, etc.
・Molds, Jigs, and Processed products: Precision molds, Functional parts, Jigs and Gauges, Surface treatment, Ceramics, etc.
・Inspection and Measuring tools: Calipers, Gauges, Industrial endoscopes, 3D measuring devices, etc.
・Machines, Robots, Construction work: Machine tools, Multifunctional robots, Conveyor systems, Equipment upgrades, IT equipment construction, Floor construction, etc.
・Environmentally friendly products: Energy-saving products, Cleaning products, Recycling products, etc.
・Factory secondary materials: Safety-related products, Various peripheral equipment, etc.