Business Outline

"Green Innovation NAGOYA" is a project organized by the City of Nagoya supporting initiatives to enhance corporate value through decarbonizing management. Targeting the small and medium-sized enterprises that play key roles in the supply chain for the Nagoya region, a major center for the automotive industry and other world-class manufacturing industries, the project aims to generate new business opportunities and allow the companies to reach from Nagoya to the world.
Building on the momentum of the Paris Agreement, nations worldwide have been accelerating their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. At the same time companies face mandates requiring them to implement decarbonization management throughout their entire supply chains. The City of Nagoya selects motivated small and medium-sized enterprises through open recruitment and supports them as a model case in acquiring SBT certification and in developing new products based on the philosophy of decarbonization management. The city is implementing this project in the aim of revitalizing the Nagoya region by further developing competitiveness of the region's high concentration of manufacturing industries and creating added value through innovation.

Participant Requirements

Small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors with business premises located in Nagoya who are interested in measures to counter climate change and wish to participate may apply. Successful candidates will be selected following an assessment and analysis of various aspects, including the company's motivation and the status of the project implementation system.
(*Seminar participants excluded)

Main Project Programs

Providing Informational Seminars

In aiming to generate opportunities, we hold seminars based on themes such as the background behind the demand for environmental measures in corporate activity, international trends, and SBT certification, as well as seminars on the development of new carbon-neutral products and services.

Support in Acquiring SBT Certification

Experts are dispatched to participating companies seeking to acquire SBT certification and provide comprehensive support, from calculating greenhouse gas emissions to applications for certification.

Support in Developing New Products and Services

Support includes dispatching designers and other experts to advise on development and promotion of new products based on the management philosophy of low-carbon, carbon-neutral, and decarbonization efforts, while offering consultations on a full range of subjects.

Publishing Information on SMEs Efforts

Participating copanies have opportunities to bring their initiatives and new products before environmentally aware domestic and foreign companies for matching businesses. In addition, seminars and publication of national, prefectural, and city policy measures are provided to enhance sharing information with other SMEs in Nagoya.

Project Period

Years Implemented: 2022 to 2024 (scheduled)

Organizer City of Nagoya
Planning and Operation  International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.