Maruwa Co., Ltd.

A Company Where People Gather to Communicate with a Society— Helping Bring About a Sustainable Society—

Maruwa Co., Ltd. is your single stop for everything from planning and production to delivery. Of course, we "also" print. Our strengths lie in the fast and flexible service that only a compact company can provide. Our services do not end with our core business of commercial printing, as we also actively make suggestions on tools that go beyond printing. In solving our customers' communication issues and to fulfill their wishes, we never hold back on providing our expertise in enhancing corporate value, expertise that is based on our own environmental activities addressing carbon neutrality, SDGs, and CSR.

Production Examples

  • Environmentally Friendly Printing

    We have received various certifications verifying our consideration of environmental issues, and all production activities at our own factory are carbon negative. We strive to reduce the environmental impacts of the materials we use, such as by suggesting the use of environmentally friendly paper.

  • Booklets (Bulletins, Periodicals, Company Brochures, School Guides)

    In producing regularly publications such as newsletters, internal and external reports, company brochures, and school guides, we always incorporate various considerations and the perspective of the intended readership. We take a branding approach to planning and producing the company brochures and school guides that are so important for companies and schools.

  • User Guides, Instruction Manuals, Etc.

    We produce user guides and instruction manuals in accordance with MUD (Media Universal Design), considering the age and other conditions of the target audience for content that is easy for anyone to understand.

  • Collaborative Calendars

    We create illustrated calendars by illustrator Kazuya Chabata, environmentally friendly calendars, and other calendars in collaboration with art college students and Type B employment support facilities.

  • Original Product Development

    Our "Korokoro Tonton Sugoroku" board game—which we developed in-house in response to our customers asking, "What are SDGs?"—won the Award for Excellence in the MUD Competition recognized by the Cabinet Office. In addition, we are constantly developing original items with the aim of making Universal Design and BCP more familiar.

Company Profile

Company Name Maruwa Co., Ltd.
Founded 1968
Capital 12 million yen
Head Office 211, Hirabari 4-chome, Tenpaku-ku Nagoya, 468-0011 Japan
Representative Hisashi Torihara, President
Number of Employees 29
Business Activities
  • General printing: Environmentally friendly printing, commemorative publications, newsletters, surveys, leaflets, catalogs, business cards, VDP, etc.
  • Sales promotions and planning: SDG-related goods, ethical products, seasonal products, etc.
  • Multimedia: Websites, livestream support
  • Others: Planning, event and office management, vanity publishing support, consulting to enhance corporate value