Mark Therapy Co., Ltd.

From clinic to research and product development, our mission is to solve the root problems of physical ailments.

Mark Therapy Laboratory, under Mark Therapy Co., Ltd.'s Management Division, provides comprehensive care through three main services: outpatient services such as Refreshing Mark Osteopathic Clinic Outpatients and S-sleep Pillow Outpatient Service; three study groups focusing primarily on treatments for musculoskeletal disorders; and a business project developing self-care products for people’s health.

Production Examples

Company Profile

Company Name Mark Therapy Co., Ltd.
Founded 2009
Head Office 1-20, Sakurayama-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, 466-0044 Japan
Representative Toyomitsu Nebashi, President
Number of Employees 1
Business Activities This clinic aims to discover fundamental solutions to back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain as well as headaches and sleep problems. It is also a company that independently researches and develops physical health care products based on that clinical practice.

・Operation of Osteopathic Clinic and Physical Care Salon
・Development and Sales of Daily Necessities
・Development and Sales of Therapeutic Devices