— The Company Creating Outlets for Wooden Materials —
A Manufacturer That Offers Optimal Processes for Wood Resources

We established this business 85 years ago by selling logs from Hokkaido in Aichi Prefecture. The business pivoted around fifteen years ago with the realization of our skills in seeing new ways to use wood and grasping trends in demand amid the changes in society. Taking a new and fresh look at sustainable wood materials, we have continued to introduce products in response to changing times, seeking a new type of harmony between humans and nature and creating products that our customers want us to make.

Production Examples

  • Fixtures/Furniture

    We develop furniture and fixtures that provide high added value to high-grade and other domestic wood materials.

  • Functional Materials Development

    We develop specially-shaped sound insulating and absorbing walls, and materials for use in agriculture.

  • Commercial Facility Furniture

    We produce lockers, fixtures for exhibits, display shelves, box seats, and other products in lot sizes that are optimal for the customer's order.

  • Bookshelves/Other Products

    We also specialize in producing bookshelves and other heavyweight fixtures.

  • Exterior Products

    We develop, produce, and ship artificial wood made from wood scrap and waste plastic for use as gateposts and other exterior products.

Company Profile

Company Name TOKIWA LUMBERTEC Co., Ltd.
Founded 1936
Capital 50 million yen
Head Office Tokiwa Building 7F/8F, 14-16, Kanayama 1-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0022 Japan
Representative Ryuji Yoshizumi, President and CEO
Number of Employees 23
Business Activities
  • Development of Construction and Industrial Materials
  • Contract Product Manufacturing
  • Storage and Sales of Wood Materials
  • Interior Finish Work
  • Management of cre8 BASE KANAYAMA
  • Real Estate Rental Business