Small specialist factory, manufacturing copper products right here in the city for 70 years!

As copper fabrication specialists, we provide transformer and control panel manufacturers in the power equipment industry with a wide range of copper components. Since our founding in 1948, we have grown with the development of the electric power industry, first by starting out the fabrication industry. Through active capital investment and human resource development, we have gone on to expand the range of materials we process to include copper, brass, and aluminum. Taking an earnest approach to processing copper and brass, we have devoted ourselves to mastering a wide variety of processing techniques, not only cutting and turning, but even bending and stamping as well. Our problem-solving skills have developed with the technical capabilities of our multi-skilled employees and through our integrated production. The strengths enable our one-stop service to accommodate tight deadlines with high-quality copper products from a single-piece orders.

Production Examples

  • Processing Applicable Range (Lot, Size/Shape, Material)

    Lot: Orders from a single unit. We also have handled mass production of up to several thousand units.
    Size/Shape: Plate thickness t 0.2-30 mm, diameter of 6-120 mm (round rods, disks), and lengths up to 3,000 mm
    Material: C1100 and other copper materials

  • Copper Processing (Cutting, Turning, Stamping, Bending, Rolling, Etc.) and Integrated Production

    Not only do we handle cutting and turning, we can complete a wide range of processes in-house, including bending, rolling, and stamping. Making full use of our extensive facilities such as machining centers, bending machines, and press machines, along with our network that has been a key factor since the company was established, we are able to handle orders for copper products as low as a single unit, with quick turnaround as well.

  • Copper Bus Bar Processed Sheet Metal

    ・Lot: 1 to 300 pieces
    ・Thickness: 3.0 to 40.0 mm
    ・Total Length: Max. 2,000 mm
    ・Material: Pure Copper (C1100/C1020)/Brass/Aluminum/Chromium Copper/Beryllium Copper

  • Copper Rod Processed Components

    ・Lot: 1 to 3,000 pieces
    ・Thickness: Diameter 10 to 100 mm
    ・Total length: Max. 1,000 mm
    ・Material: Pure Copper (C1100/C1020)/Brass/Aluminum/Chromium Copper/Beryllium Copper

  • Copper Plate Machined Components

    ・Lot: 1 to 3,000 units
    ・Thickness: Diameter 10 to 100 mm
    ・Total length: Max. 1,000 mm
    ・Material: Pure Copper (C1100/C1020)/Brass/Aluminum/Chromium Copper/Beryllium Copper

Company Profile

Founded 1951
Capital 10 million yen
Head Office 629, Seko 1-chome, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, 463-0068 Japan
Representative Masahiro Ishigaki, President and CEO
Number of Employees 25
Business Activities ・Prototyping and mass production of transformer-related components
・Prototyping and mass production of components for control panel transformers
・Prototyping and mass production of high-speed railway components
・Prototyping and mass production of products for environmental and new energy industries
・Production of processed copper products for general use